Nicola Sturgeon Tweet’s pay rise for NHS Staff of 9% over 3 years

Nichola Sturgeon announces a 9% pay rise for NHS Staff. For those earning under £80,000 however, all is not as rosy as it seems. When playing the percentage game. Those workers at the lower pay grade scale get very little. Whilst those at the top of their pay grade £80,000 will gain significantly.


Therefore, a senior health professional earning £80,000 pa will be £7,200 better off after 3 years, a nurse earning £26,000 pa will be £2,340.00. However, this is subject to, tax and national insurance and increased pension rate. We feel that the upper level should be reduced to £40,000 and the rate increased to 11%. this we would be a fairer system. that re-dresses the balance and distributes the wealth where it’s needed

One has to ask is this a Blairite ploy to buy votes for independence…?

Where is the money coming from to pay for this….?

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