Nicola Sturgeon urged to back EUref2

Nicola Sturgeon is being pressed, to back the call for a second Brexit referendum. Noel Dolan who was the First Ministers enforcer in Government, raised concerns as to why no SNP politicians, had backed the policy. Which the Liberal Democrat’s, Labour and some Tory figures have long been advocating.

Dolan’s call came, as thousands of people marched through the streets of Glasgow yesterday in support of Independence. Nicola Sturgeon, must now consider her next constitutional move. Given the growing confusion and frustration, over details of the Brexit deal, to be struck between the the UK and Europe.

Many feel that Theresa May is standing in the way of Scotland’s progress. Whilst others fear the UK Parliament will look to derail a second referendum on independence with a change to the Scotland Act 1999.

Is Nicola Sturgeon right to push for independence and respect the democratic process of Brexit or push for the so called EUref2 and over-ride the democratic process…..?


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